Devices That Can be Tested and Characterized by the FTI 1000 & 2000

Discrete Devices

  • Power MOSFET

  • Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)

  • Gallium Nitride HEMT

  • Silicon Carbide JFET

  • Thyristor / SIDACtor / Trisil Devices

  • Bipolar Transistor

  • Zener Diode

  • Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) Diode

Power Management ICs / Linear ICs / Smart Power Multi-Chip Modules

  • Regulator ( Pulse Width Modulated, Low Dropout)

  • Power Regulator IC

  • Battery Charger

  • Motor Controller

  • Driver IC (Mosfet, LED, LCD)

  • Audio

  • Temperature Management

  • Standard Linear (Op Am, Comparator)

  • Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) ICs


Tests That Can Be Performed by the FTI 1000

Discrete Devices Tests

The FTI 1000 tester consists of independent test channels that allow all DC and AC MOSFET parameters to be tested either separately, or in one handler insertion or prober touch-down.

Gallium Nitride (GaN) High Power FET and HEMT Testing

Focused Test Inc. offers the only production worthy automatic test solution for consistently and reliably characterizing Gallium Nitride high power FET and HEMT devices. In order to overcome the barriers of reliability and repeatable performance characteristics, and the reluctance of designers to design their systems with GaN devices, GaN manufacturers can provide well characterized and FTI 1000 tested devices.

Hard-Switching Inductive Load Tests RBSOA

Hard-Switching Inductive Load Tests

The Hard-Switching Inductive Load Test Option with FTI 1000 provides a double-pulse test for GaN power discrete devices.  Parameters that can be measured include Dynamic Rdson, Eon/Eoff Energy Loss and RBSOA.

Power MOSFET Unclamped Inductive Switching Test

Power MOSFET Avalanche Inductive Switching Tests

  • Unclamped Inductive Switching (UIS)
  • Clamped Inductive Switching (CIS)

Focused Test Inc. offers accurate & reliable Power MOSFET Avalanche Testing in a production environment. Power MOSFETs inherently have extremely fast switching speeds.  As a result, designers often use them in high speed switching circuits which take advantage of this capability.  The ability to accurately characterize devices provides confidence in avalanche ruggedness.

MOSFET Safe Operating Area Testing

 MOSFET Safe Operating Area (SOA)

Using the SOA or HP module, the Safe Operating Area test applies a given power to the MOSFET device under test for a given pulse width.  A passing device will absorb the programmed power for the pulse duration, followed by a final VDS measurement.  Should a device breakdown, or otherwise fail during the Pulse, an over current detection will halt the test immediately and report the failure.

Delta VSD (DVSD) Test

 MOSFET Thermal Tests

  • Delta Vsd
  • Delta Vgs
  • Thermal Impedance
  • Thermal Resistance

DVSD is the difference of two VSD (body diode voltage drop) measurements done before and after heating up the device for a certain period (heating time).

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