FTI 1000 Tests

FTI 1000:  Discrete Devices Test

The FTI 1000 tester consists of independent test channels that allow all DC and AC MOSFET parameters to be tested either separately, or in one handler insertion or prober touch-down.
Inductive Load (UIL/UIS)

Inductive Load (UIL/UIS)

The MOSFET AC parameters tested by the FTI 1000 include Inductive Load (UIL/UIS), Gate Charge (Qg, Qgs, Qgd), Gate Resistance (Rg), Gate Capacitance (Cg, Ciss) and high voltage Switching/Timing Tests. FTI 1000 also offers analog test resources to enable Smart Power devices to be tested, such as products based on the Intel DrMOS standard.
Gate Charge (Qg) Inductive Load (UIL/UIS)

Gate Charge (Qg)
Inductive Load (UIL/UIS)




 FTI 1000: Power Management IC Test


FTI_1000_IC_Tester-001FTI 1000 performs IC and Multi-Chip Module testing using the IC Channel Board equipped with:

  • Multiple Quad VI’s
  • TMU
  • Pulse Generators
  • Comparators
  • Digital Instruments
  • C Bits with Readback.

Additional channel boards can be easily added, depending on the required configuration, and each channel board can be synchronized by a cabled ‘Sync Bus’.