New Product Releases

Clamped Inductive Switching (CIS) Test Options for hard switching tests such as RBSOA and Eon/Eoff

Dynamic Rdson test station for Power GaN discrete devices

Offers <1μs measurement times neeeded to fully characterize the Current Collapse effect of power GaN devices.

Low Qg test option

Provides high accuracy measurements of Qgd for Mosfets with Qg< 1nC

Avalanche / UIS test options:

  • Increases Id max from 100A to 200A for UIS tests
  • Increases maximum Breakdown Voltage from 1,600V to 3,600V for SiC discrete devices for UIS tests

5kV DC test option:

Increases DC test voltages from 3.6kV to 5.0kV for SiC discrete devices