FTI 1000 Power Discrete Test Solution

Automatic Test System Optimized for High Throughput, Low Cost of Test for Single Site, Multi-site and Index Parallel Applications

The FTI 1000 is the industry leader in production ATE for power discrete MOS, IGBT, SiC, GaN and bipolar devices.

Our Test System is optimized for high throughput, low cost of test for Single Site, Mutli-Site, and Index Parallel Applications.

Focused Test Inc is instrumental in bringing new technology products (Wide Band-Gap GaN & SiC) to market faster with broad coverage of static, avalanche and switching tests.  We specialize in providing advanced testing methodologies and technology to reliably test and characterize high power devices that are required in today’s green energy marketplace.  Emerging technologies such as GaN and SiC devices, which enable lower cost and higher efficiency electric vehicles and renewable energies, require advanced testing methodologies for adequate characterization and reliability.  These devices offer high power, lower loss, faster switching and better thermal performance, all which need to be addressed in the Test Floor Environment.

Focused Test provides automatic test capability for SiC or GaN wafers, individual die, and packaged devices.

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