FTI 2000 IC Test Solution

Automatic Test System Optimized for High Throughput, Low Cost of Test for Single Site, Multi-site and Index Parallel Applications

Offload your general purpose, high-cost testers with a dedicated low cost, high power, high voltage, Focused Test FTI 2000 System

Bring your low pin count, high power and high voltage devices to market more quickly and efficiently, with better ROI

As the need for IOT and Industrial / Home Automation integrated circuits increases, specialized testing methodologies become more important in bringing these power semiconductor devices to market. Focused Test provides a complete, high throughput, automatic test solution for these high-power devices, without requiring investment in expensive, general-purpose testers.

The Focused Test FTI 2000 IC Test Solution is ideal for an IC manufacturer who needs to get to market quickly and inexpensively with their low pin count, high power IC devices.  We provide functionally comprehensive, highly configurable, high volume testing capability to suit the test and characterization requirements of specialized high-power devices such as battery management and battery charger parts. Extraordinarily high throughput for true index parallel testing ensures maximum efficiency and utilization of test equipment.

Features & Benefits

The FTI 2000 IC Test System provides a system architecture which is highly customizable for your application, allowing you to purchase only the required resources.  For testing a specific part, the FTI 2000 is optimized for low cost, and high throughput, providing a significant cost benefit over competitive general-purpose testers, which are designed to perform any test on any part.

Focused Test is unique in providing index parallel testing for IC Test, along with a complete full data log for each test site.  The benefit is extraordinarily high throughput, allowing indexing every 100ms, or 7-8000 parts per hour.  The general-purpose competitive testers typically process 2000 parts per hour.

FTI 2000 IC Test System Key Features

  • Fully functional “Tester per Channel Board” architecture

  • Small footprint

  • Multisite System with multiple Channel Boards: Channel per test site allows testing in Index Parallel for IC Test

  • Scalable (expandable) for IC test to handle higher pin count devices, simply by connecting multiple boxes in parallel. Test programs automatically scale across multiple channel boards and test sites.

  • In Index Parallel, the high voltage & high current tests can be segregated to a specific site, such that the interface board (PIE board) can have adequate shielding to protect the integrity of the measurement. Additionally, disconnect relays and unnecessary components on the PIE board can be eliminated, allowing a much more accurate measurement.

  • Flexible configuration allowing choice of appropriate instrument modules for each board, depending on application requirements. Analog, Digital, High Power and High Voltage options

  • Full Data Log Per Device.  The FTI infrastructure software manages the re-assembly of individual sites testing results (e.g. 4 different sets of tests run at 4 different sites) into a single log per device report, and bins the part accordingly

Example Configuration

Typical Device Types Tested

FTI 1000 IC Test System : Power Management ICs / Intelligent Power Modules

  • Regulators (PWM, LDO, etc.)

  • Motor / Solar Controllers

  • Audio ICs

  • Standard Linear (Op Amps, Comparators)

  • Drivers (MOSFET, LED)

  • Temperature Management ICs

  • Power Modules

FTI 1000 IC Test System : Internet of Things (IOT) and Industrial / Home Automation Chips

  • Voltage Supervisors

  • Level Shifters

  • Switches

  • Motor Controls

  • Sensors

  • Precision Voltage Reference

  • Line Drivers

  • Buck Boost DC-DC power converters

  • Transceivers

  • Battery Chargers

Example Application - FTI 1000 tests EPC LiDAR GaN IC

FTI 1000’s flexible architecture provides a high degree of scalability for a wide range of power discrete and IC test applications, while offering significant reduction in cost of test.

The FTI 1000 was configured to perform a less than 2ns pulse width test of an EPC (Efficient Power Conversion) Lidar GaN IC for time of Flight, “Driverless Anything” application. Lidar technology is quickly gaining momentum in applications like self driving vehicles, drones, robots, facial recognition systems, etc. GaN devices bring value to this application in 3 ways; enable Lidar and Time of Flight systems to see farther, to produce 3D images faster, and with higher resolution.  Accurate and reliable testing and characterization of these devices is paramount to bringing these devices & technologies to market.

  • Time of Flight (ToF) LiDAR Test Applications

  • <2ns Pulse Width at High Power (40V/10A)

  • FTI 1000 IC Test Station Capabilities

    • 100MHz Digital with PMU per Pin
    • Analog VI Pins 80V/400mA
    • High Power Pins up to 100A
    • High Voltage Pins up to 1500V
    • FPGA Controlled Test Sequencing

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