How should I set Speed settings in Windows for the best tester performance?

Increase PC speed

Go to Power Options form. One method is via the Control Panel:

Power Options Form via Control Panel

In the Power Options form, select Change plan settings item of the selected plan.

Power Options Change Plan Settings

In the Edit Plan Settings form, select the Change advanced power settings item:

Edit Plan Settings, Change advanced power settings

In the advanced power settings form, scroll down to the Processor power management section.

Advanced Power Settings Processor power management

If the PC has the ability to dynamically change clock speed, there will be a Minimum processor state and a Maximum processor state. If the PC does not have the ability to dynamically change clock speed, there may be only the System cooling policy, or may even lack the Processor power management group.

Set the Minimum processor state to 100 (typically is 5). Insure the Maximum processor state is 100.
Note: Do not leave Minimum processor state at 100 on a laptop. It will more quickly run the battery down.


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