When your customers demand accurate, repeatable, and cost effective test solutions for their power devices, you can depend on Focused Test for their test equipment.

Focused Test Advantage: What Sets Us Apart?

We specialize in testing of high performance Discrete and Power IC electronic devices, especially those that are being developed by leading edge power device manufacturers, targeting emerging markets

Wide Band Gap (WBG) semiconductor devices are setting the standards for developing innovations in power electronics, military and other industrial and clean energy applications which require superior performance and reliability in adverse and extreme conditions

Scalable Index Parallel Final Test to Improve Efficiency

Increase test throughput and drive down test system costs

Zero Footprint for Final Test Wafer Sort Productivity Gains

Multi-site Test of Chip Scale Package (CSP) Packages

Adjacent die wafer sort

Partnerships & Customer Service

Focused Test is willing and able to meet special device testing needs and partner with clients in the development of new test methods.

Open Source Software Architecture and Test Libraries

Full access to Test Function Library “C” Code

Focused Test Products

FTI 1000 Power Discrete Test Solution

  • Tester per channel board architecture for scalability
  • Flexible configuration for all device applications
  • Floating power instruments – Lowest cost of test for Power Devices

FTI 2000 Key Features

  • Tester-per-Board Architecture for High Throughput and Scalability
  • Floating Power Instruments for High Reliability and Small Footprint
  • Integrated System Design for DC, UIS, Rg and DVsd Multisite Tests

Burn-In & Zener Diode Test

  • Conforms to MIL STD 750 Specs
  • Current Control Boards for precision
  • Measure Boards monitor diode Vf
  • External Power Sources

FTI 1000 Power Discrete Test Solutions

Market Leader in Production Line Testers for Power Discrete MOS, IGBT, SiC, GaN and Bipolar Devices

  • Open-Source Software Architecture

  • Scalability: Lower capital cost with higher throughput

  • Flexible Configurations:

    • Higher Handler Productivity
    • Multisite Test of CSP Packages
    • Multi-die Test for Wafer Probing
    • High Voltage Module Test Capability
  • Integrated DC+AC Discrete & Gate Driver Test

  • Floating Power Instruments

  • Lowest cost of test per device

FTI 2000 IC Test Solutions

POWER IC Test System Optimized for High Throughput Production Test of Regulators, DC-
DC Converters and Half Bridge Power Modules

  • Front Panel Handler Cabling/Docking and Interface “Load” Board for Power IC Applications

  • Tester per Board Architecture for Multisite Test including Index Parallel Test with Rotary Handlers

  • Low cost, 4-Quadrant VI Resources

  • High Current (100A) and High Voltage (1,200V) Floating Instruments

  • Digital with 100MHz Vector Rate, PMU/Pin

  • Pattern Generator

  • Logic Analyzer

  • AWG Functions with Run Time Control

FTI 3000

Burn-In and Test of Zener Diodes

Conforms to MIL STD 750 Specs

Focused Test Services & Support

FTI Service & Support Offerings

Time to market is becoming more and more important in today’s electronics manufacturing arena.  Focused Test is here to assist with successful application development and test strategies to help refine the production process and reduce & control the cost of test.  FTI provides on-site applications assistance for system operation, test program creation and troubleshooting.  Our Applications Engineers can assist with all stages of the test process.

Focused Test Inc. International Field Office Locations

  • Manufacturing, Engineering, Field Service & Logistics

  • FTI Applications Engineering

  • FTI Representatives with Service Support

Our Markets: Who Uses Our Testers?

hi reliability military aerospace device testing

FTI 1000 Capabilities




Bipolar Transistor

Power MosFET

Transient Voltage Suppressors

Zener Diode



Power Management ICs

  • Low Drop-Out Regulator

  • Power Regulator IC

  • LiDAR IC

  • Standard Linear IC


Power Discrete Devices


Dynamic Rdson Test

Inductive Switching Tests

  • Unclamped Inductive Switching

  • Clamped Inductive Switching


  • Eon / Eoff  – Energy Loss Test

Thermal Tests

  • Delta Vsd

  • Delta Vgs

  • Thermal Impedance

  • Thermal Resistance

Dynamic Parts Average Test – DPAT

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